About us

PRESSTIGE specializes in manufacturing the PressMesh® expanded metal mesh and overseeing its integration into the construction, design, architectural, and engineering projects, as well as industrial production.

PressMesh® high production standards, along with its wide variety of materials, shape combinations and colors, create a possibility for unique solutions, custom-tailored for a specific project.

Founded in 1999, PRESSTIGE has developed and manufactured more than 250 mesh types, and applied them in more than 340 construction projects.

Stages of project implementation
I. Facade concept development and its environmental integration.
II. Definement of the technical solution and related documentation, full-size sample production
III. Turnkey-based production, Installation supervision
Our principles
Deep and detailed knowledge of the product, its features and capabilities serves as the basis for the successful project implementation.
Engineering and construction design are utilized for the creation of truly innovative products.
Manufacturability of the production processes, its modernization and  innovation remain our core priorities.
Professional team of specialists is a guarantee of the successful project implementation.
Resourceful manufacturing is aimed to identify and eliminate waste in all areas of production.
Continuous learning is the key to improving the quality of work, defining the culture of production processes, boosting the number of rationalization proposals and, as a result, increasing overall profits.