Air quality determines the quality of life.
Industry specifics
Ventilation is an essential proccess, necessary for safe operating of industrial, public or residential buildings. Air quality directly affects the quality of life and work efficiency. Depending on the project preferences, necessary ventilation levels can be achieved with a complex ventilation system or with a single vent hole in the room!
Utilizing PressMesh®
Filter elements for air purification
PressMesh® lattice is an essential filter component that aids in removing dust from the air transported to the premises by the ventilation / air conditioning system. In addition, it is actively used in technological processes, gas turbines, and internal combustion engines.
Industrial filters for fine air purification
This is the final stage of filtration which allows you to achieve the maximum degree of purification from impurities, including smoke, soot, grime, and cinder. In these filters, we recommend using the PressMesh® lattice with the smallest cell size.
Cylindrical compressed air filters
Geenerally, such filters are used in the central air purification system and may include a whole range of filters and filter elements. PressMesh® lattice can serve both as a reinforcing component and one of the filtration layers.
Ventilation grates
PressMesh® lattice grilles are used equally as a filter elements and a decorative components that allow you to create a unique design of the heating system.
Recommended PressMesh® types
  • PressMesh® R0604
  • PressMesh® R1004
  • PressMesh® Q 0603
  • PressMesh® KR1004
PressMesh® grid catalog
Conformity certificates
All materials used in production of the PressMesh® lattice for ventilation systems are manufactured at metallurgical facilities in accordance with the State Standard and supported by quality certificates.

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