The ease of removing the unnesessary, dividing the whole into fractions, and getting a perfectly purified product
Industry specifics
Industrial filters serve as essential components of most manufacturing and technological processes. More importantly, the final result of the technological process and the quality of the finished product heavily rely on the filtration quality.
Utilizing PressMesh®
Separators, petrochemical industry scrubbers
Cleaning units for zone valves, units for removal of mechanical and chemical fractions, impurities, and suspensions from the production flow. The PressMesh® lattice is one of the internal components of the gas purification process.
Industrial filters for oil purification
Filtration is directed at removing mechanical impurities and particles of resinous compounds. The PressMesh® lattice is a replaceable filtration element within the system, which allows for multi-stage filtration of polluted oil. It is used in both industrial production and truck/special equipment filters.
Filters for the automotive industry
PressMesh® lattice is a core component of the car filters used for both passenger vehicles and trucks: it provides additional durability to the filter’s structure.
Preliminary water filters
Removal of mechanical impurities, such as iron oxide particles, clay and sand, significantly extends the service life of the industrial equipment and general plumbing alike. Replaceable filtration cartridges made from the PressMesh® lattice allow you to separate impurities of various fractions, depending on specific requirements for the water purification level.
Grease traps & interceptors
These devices are used in industrial production and food industry as a range hood / air purifier element. The PressMesh® lattice is used as a filter layer in grease trap grates.
Recommended PressMesh® types
  • PressMesh® R0603
  • PressMesh® Q0604
  • PressMesh® R1004
  • PressMesh® R1606
PressMesh® grid catalog
Conformity certificates
All materials used in production of the PressMesh® lattice for filtration purposes are manufactured at metallurgical facilities in accordance with the State Standard and supported by quality certificates.

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