Style mixed with practicality
Industry specifics
Interior design provides an opportunity to present a unique artistic solution while taking into account maximum user comfort. Modern materials that allow you to execute the most daring design ideas are becoming the market standard.
Utilizing PressMesh®
Ceiling systems
Suspended ceiling systems are equally modern and practical, allowing for a unique design implementation while taking into account the necessary technical requirements for installing and maintaining utility systems.

Easy to install due to its design modularity, a ceiling system provides an opportunity for adding built-in lighting. A wide variety of design options is achieved with a range of panel sizes, shapes, colors, and sizes of the PressMesh® lattice.
Partition walls and wall panels made from PressMesh® lattice are one of the core decorative elements within the loft style. as a bonus, they can also be used as functional structures that provide room zoning.
Furniture and interior elements
Custom furniture and loft-style interior elements are not just a perfect match to the chosen architectural style but are also sustainable solutions that are incredibly easy to use and maintain. PressMesh® lattice allows you to create unique interior elements - from rigidly masculine and laconic to elegantly detailed and sophisticated, depending on the design concept.
Acoustic panels
Utilizing acoustic panels made from the PressMesh® grid creates an opportunity to generate unique ceiling designs in compliance with acoustic requirements for your space.
Recommended PressMesh® types
  • PressMesh® R16
  • PressMesh® Sh45
  • PressMesh® R06
  • PressMesh® Q10
  • PressMesh® Kr10
PressMesh® grid catalog
Conformity certificates
All materials used in production of the PressMesh® lattice for design purposes are manufactured at metallurgical facilities in accordance with the State Standard and supported by quality certificates.

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