Our history

PRESSTIGE was founded in 1999 - at the time, we were a small enterprise consisting of a group of like-minded people who were ready to build and develop a new production line.

Looking back, we are proud to see how much our company has achieved over the years. Today, Presstige possesses one of the largest machine parks for the production of expanded metal mesh and its subsequent processing into finished products. Our company produces more than 250 types of mesh under the PressMesh® brand.

We employ more than 50 field experts. Manufacturability of processes, production modernization and innovation  are the core components of our  ideology. Following these principles allows us to  develop and improve production processes, master modern technologies and produce new exciting products.

Corporate foundation of Presstige. Start of the expanded metal mesh production.
Substantial increase of production capacity. Formation of the engineering unit aimed to develop new grid types. Production of expanded metal mesh from stainless steel.
Start of operations on the new machines with unique grid parameters, creation of the modernization plan.
Start of production for the new mesh types and ceiling panels, first projects covering interior solutions, facades, energy and oil refineries, food and chemical industries. Creation of our onsite tool workshop.
Development of more than 250 grid types Production expansion to 5 onsite workshops. Expansion of the machine park. Automation of production processes for the new types of mesh. First place diploma at the "Innovations in construction" regional competition
Trademark registration for PressMesh®. Certification of the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
Formation of the team of architects, engineers, designers for the implementation of facade projects.