Pressmesh® offers various ways to make your vehicle truly unique and express yourself through your car design.
Industry specifics
In the modern world, development dynamics of the automotve industry are extremely hight. Design of the car, the uniqueness and organicity of its appearance are now on a par with the technical characteristics. Modern manufacturers strive to make their product unique, sell not the form, but the status.
Utilizing PressMesh®
Car filters
Our products are used as structural elements of a car filter, in both passenger vehicles and trucks. PressMesh® grid is used as a reinforcing or fortifying element, as well as a filtration layer.
Special equipment
The protective structural elements of the car body prevent acts of vandalism and defend against environmental factors in challenging operating conditions.
Recommended PressMesh® types
  • PressMesh® R1004
  • PressMesh® R1307
  • PressMesh® R 1606
  • PressMesh® SH 2005
  • PressMesh® SH 4509
PressMesh® grid catalog
Conformity certificates
All materials used in production of the PressMesh® lattice for protective structures are manufactured at metallurgical facilities in accordance with the State Standard and supported by quality certificates.

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