PressMesh® products increase safety levels at industrial enterprises.
Industry specifics
A modern industrial enterprise is a complex combination of technological processes, various equipment types and mechanisms, and, of course, production sites. Any industrial facility requires specific safety conditions for smooth operation. Protective structures are necessary not only to shield the premises from unauthorized entries, but also to secure operating equipment and prevent injuries.
Utilizing PressMesh®
Equipment protection
PressMesh® products provide various ways for building a protective barrier around your operating equipment, which is an essential part of complying with labor safety requirements drastically reducing potential injury rate. A wide range of PressMesh® lattice sizes and shapes allows you to choose the best solution for preventing any hazardous contact with the equipment.
Fence panels
Exterior fences are necessary for industrial facilities in order to protect the perimeter of the premises and effectively comply with the required security measures. Thanks to a wide variety of functions, PressMesh® grid can be used for both protective and decorative purposes.
Despite its light weight, PressMesh® grid flooring is sturdy and highly resistant to wear and tear while being easy to install. Lightweight and versatile metal structures are used equally at industrial enterprises and public facilities.
Accommodation ladders & construction extensions
PressMesh® products allow you to create necessary construction extensions that are uniquely non-slip, durable, safe, and easy to install.
Recommended PressMesh® types
  • PressMesh® R4222
  • PressMesh® R3713
  • PressMesh® R6228
  • PressMesh® R9334
PressMesh® grid catalog
Conformity certificates
All materials used in production of the PressMesh® lattice for protective structures are manufactured at metallurgical facilities in accordance with the State Standard and supported by quality certificates.

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